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GET /reports/response_time

Returns a daily response time metric. Response times are reported in seconds.

Example Request
curl 'https://{brand}' \
  -u {login-email}:{api-token} \
  -H 'Accept: application/json'
Example Response
      "2017-07-19": 600.0,
      "2017-07-20": 1200.0,
  "start_date": "2017-07-01",
  "end_date": "2017-07-30"
Optional Params
  • The start_date value can used to choose the start of the report.
  • The end_date value can used to choose the end of the report.

The start and end dates of the report will default to the last 30 days. Time frames can be no smaller than 1 day and no larger than 1 year.