Re:amaze Product News

Feature Update: Enhanced Staff Permissions

April 09, 2024

We’re excited to announce the new staff permissions: Manage Personal Shifts and Manage Staff. These permission options will provide you with even more control and flexibility when it comes to managing your staff and their permissions So how does it work? Enabling the Manage Personal Shifts permission gives staff members the ability to control and modify their own shifts. This option is enabled by default in Re:amaze, so if you want to prevent a user from modifying their own shifts, make sure that this permission is deselected. Now, let’s talk about the Manage Staff permission. When enabled, this will give your staff members the ability to not only adjust their own shifts but also those of their teammates. This is especially beneficial for managers or designated team members. Do keep in mind that enabling Manage Staff automatically includes the “Manage Personal Shifts” permission as well. The post Feature Update: Enhanced Staff Permissions appeared first on Re:amaze Blog.

Feature Update: Conversation Sentiment Powered by Re:amaze AI

April 03, 2024

We’re excited to introduce our newest release: AI-Powered Conversation Sentiment Analysis. This new feature allows you to quickly understand the sentiment of both past and ongoing conversations with your customers. This is hugely beneficial if you’re picking up conversations from other agents, or if you want to ask direct questions about the customer’s mood. So, how does it work? Located in the right-rail of your conversations, you can simply select the option to scan the conversation for customer sentiment. You can also ask questions such as, “Is the customer upset?” or “Was the issue resolved?” Re:amaze will then generate a quick analysis for you to work off of. It’s that easy! To learn more about using Sentiment Analysis and other AI-powered tools, check out this article. The post Feature Update: Conversation Sentiment Powered by Re:amaze AI appeared first on Re:amaze Blog.

New Feature Update: Disable Customer Attachments

April 01, 2024

We’re excited to announce the release a new feature on our platform: the ability to disable attachments in Chat. With this new feature, embeddables like Chat and Contact Forms will no longer allow customers to attach files and images. Attachments in chat conversations can sometimes pose security risks, opening the door to spam and malware attacks. By disabling attachments, you can create a safer and more secure environment for your agents. With this feature enabled, you can rest assured that your communication channels are safeguarded against potential threats. Enabling the attachment disablement feature is quick and easy. Simply navigate to your Chat settings and locate the option to disable attachments. The post New Feature Update: Disable Customer Attachments appeared first on Re:amaze Blog.

Re:amaze Now Integrates with Loop!

March 27, 2024

We’re excited to announce that Re:amaze now integrates with Loop! Loop is a returns management platform designed to streamline and automate your return processes. Effortlessly manage returns: Loop offers a user-friendly interface for customers to initiate returns online, eliminating the need for manual processing. Track returns in real-time: With Loop’s advanced tracking capabilities, you can monitor the status of returned items every step of the way. From receipt to refund, you’ll have full visibility into the return journey, empowering you to provide timely updates to your customers. Enhance customer satisfaction: By offering a hassle-free returns experience, you can delight your customers and build long-lasting relationships. Loop’s communication tools enable you to keep customers informed and engaged throughout the return process, leaving them with a positive impression of your brand. By connecting your Loop account to Re:amaze, you can easily find return statuses in the right-rail of your customer conversations. Simply enter the return number or order number in the Loop search bar and you can quickly provide updates and information for your customers. Check out our step-by-step guide to get your Loop account connected to Re:amaze. If you don’t yet have a Loop account, you can learn more or book a demo here. The post Re:amaze Now Integrates with Loop! appeared first on Re:amaze Blog.

Translate Your Text To Your Customer’s Language using AI

January 29, 2024

If you haven’t already tried our AI-powered text translation feature, make sure to read our announcement here and give it a try! We’ve improved upon AI translation by allowing you to translate the text you’ve written back to the foreign language your customers wrote in with. Here’s how it works.  When you have a default language set, for example English, customer messages that don’t match your default language will trigger the ability for you to translate that text to your default language. In the example below, click on “Show Translation” will translate Spanish into English. When you compose your message in English, you’ll now have the ability to click on “Translate” in the AI Quick Actions menu to translate your text back into Spanish before sending it off to customers. Our team is hard at work making the translation language model better on a daily basis and your feedback will help! If you have any thoughts on how things can be improved, please let our team know at The post Translate Your Text To Your Customer’s Language using AI appeared first on Re:amaze Blog.

Reset Article Vote History in Re:amaze FAQ

October 24, 2023

Allowing your customers to vote on the effectiveness of your FAQ articles can be a great signal for how well put-together your FAQ content is. However, it’s likely that over time, your FAQ article content will be updated over time to be more accurate and more succinct. When articles are updated in a significant way, it may be necessary to update the vote count to more accurately reflect the current state of the article. You can now do so in Re:amaze FAQs! When needed, simply click on the (reset) button to clear existing votes and have a fresh start. But don’t worry, old article votes will not be cleared out completely and can be found in the article edit history. The post Reset Article Vote History in Re:amaze FAQ appeared first on Re:amaze Blog.

Get a Recommended Response to Customers with AI

October 10, 2023

We’ve made AI even easier to use with Recommended Responses! When customers write in, our AI assistant will follow along and chime in at the right time when a suitable answer can be provided. Recommended Responses works very much like our AI FAQ Bot where it intakes your customers’ questions, your replies so far, and attempts to find a match in your FAQ database. It will then present the response to you in a formatted way so you can readily use it as a reply. Please bear in mind that Recommended Responses is not perfect. No AI engine is. Our team is working tirelessly to optimize the overall model to provide you and your team with more accurate replies. If you’d like to give it a try, there’s nothing you need to turn on. The only prerequisite is that you have a variety of FAQ articles and topics published in your Re:amaze account. When the Recommended Response pops up, simply click “Use this response”. You’ll always have a chance to edit the details before you send. Please reach out to our customer care team if you have any questions, concerns, or feedback about any of our AI capabilities! The post Get a Recommended Response to Customers with AI appeared first on Re:amaze Blog.

Multi-Select Conversation Tags

September 13, 2023

Announcing a small but useful update to Re:amaze advanced search capabilities! You can now select multiple tags in order to search for conversations containing the tags you’ve selected. The post Multi-Select Conversation Tags appeared first on Re:amaze Blog.

Introducing Conversation Starters for Re:amaze Chat, Powered by AI

September 13, 2023

Re:amaze Chat is now more powerful than ever! You can now improve the odds of generating more engagement from website visitors with Conversation Starters. Conversations Starters is an integral component of Re:amaze Chat’s greeting message system. Let’s go over the changes and updates. Greeting Message The greeting message can be displayed in several different formats including as a Cue. As the first message customer sees when they arrive on your website, it’s incredibly important for this message to be welcoming and informative. If you’re unsure what to write, simply click on the “Suggest message” prompt to let AI take over. Tell AI what you want it to say and you’re off to the races! Conversation Starters Conversation Starters are actionable buttons that website visitors and customers can click on to immediately start a chat conversation with you or your team! When conversations are started this way, prompts within the actionable buttons are carried over to the conversation so your team can be better prepared to help customers with exactly what they need help with. You can add up to 6 actionable button prompts and provide the content manually or leverage the help of AI to generate them. AI-generated prompts can be edited to your liking after they’ve been generated. The post Introducing Conversation Starters for Re:amaze Chat, Powered by AI appeared first on Re:amaze Blog.

Better Customer Engagement with Actionable Cues and AI-Generated Content

September 11, 2023

Great news! We’ve made some significant changes to that Re:amaze Chat Widget’s greeting message system. The first major change is that we no longer support the “Notification” type greeting message. Notifications are now Cues, which are more powerful in the sense that they’re now actionable by your customers, allowing you greater control around how they can engage with you and your team. In addition to greeting messages getting updated to Cues, you can now add actionable items called “Conversation Starters”. By default, we provide you with two very standard conversation starters: “I have a question” and “No thanks”. Customers who click on these will automatically start a conversation with you. However, you can now add up to 5 custom conversation starters as shown below. These conversation starters allow your team to obtain more context about what a customer needs help with and it’s highly recommended that you add these starters so customers feel more involved with the conversation. In addition to manually entering conversation starters, you can also use our AI-powered content generation to populate these starters. Simply click on the “Suggest a few starters” button and AI will recommend a few common starters for your specific use case (as shown below). You’ll have the opportunity to edit any AI-suggested starters before publishing your chat widget to a website or web app of your choice so there’s no harm in trying it out! In terms of next steps, we’ll be making a few more updates to conversation starters to allow greater control when it comes to automated replies. We’ll keep you posted as these developments take place. The post Better Customer Engagement with Actionable Cues and AI-Generated Content appeared first on Re:amaze Blog.