Integrated Customer Service, Live Chat, and Helpdesk for Travel and Hospitality Businesses.

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Shared Inbox Helpdesk for Travel and Hospitality

Travel agencies help customers via email, social media, SMS, and much more. Re:amaze can help your team consolidate every message in one place.
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Live Chat and Chatbots for Travel and Hospitality

Helping customers quickly is super important for travel agents because time is of the essence. Re:amaze Live Chat and Chatbots can help instantly!
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Help Center FAQ for Travel and Hospitality

Flights, hotels, itineraries, schedules, and payments. Travel agencies need the best way to educate customers. Re:amaze is designed to make this easier!
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Re:amaze is the smartest helpdesk for the travel and hospitality industry.

Businesses in the travel and hospitality industry need the most capable live chat, helpdesk, and customer service platform to assist customers effectively. With so many moving pieces to clients’ bookings, Re:amaze can help you stay on top of everything in terms of client data and client conversations.

Re:amaze allows you to help clients across email, live chat, social media, SMS, and even VOIP all in one shared dashboard. Feed client data directly into clients’ profiles with our powerful API and integratie with over 30 popular web apps for free. Use workflows to automatically route client requests to the right department or individual agent.

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Re:amaze is packed with features to help travel and hospitality businesses succeed in making customers happy.

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In-depth reporting to help you gauge how your teams and customer channels are performing
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Create workflows to automate repetitive tasks such as tagging, reassigning, and even responding
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Respond to customers quickly with response templates and dynamic variables
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Manage contact data in your Re:amaze account and segment customers
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Set your office hours, custom field requirements, and messaging settings with ease
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Integrated with your favorite tools like MailChimp, Slack, Google Apps, and over 25 other apps
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