See and manage customer orders, process refunds, and create draft orders

How it works with Re:amaze

This is a native integration with Re:amaze and allows you to streamline customer service conversations by accessing customers’ Shopify order information and data. This integration will also allow you to add Re:amaze embeddable widgets such as live chat, automated messaging, contact forms, and FAQs directly to your Shopify storefront without any coding or altering of theme templates. Re:amaze utilizes Shopify’s API for one-click publishing of widgets! You’ll also be able to leverage powerful Shopify dynamic variables to create automated response templates and workflows to reply to customers instantly. The Shopify integration also enables Shopify rules so you can create precise customer segmentation.

What you can do with Shopify

  • Showing all orders
  • Able to page through orders
  • Pin an order to a conversation
  • Showing items purchased
  • Showing fulfillments and refund information
  • Showing order status (archived, cancelled, etc.)
  • Ability to refund each order
  • Ability to cancel each order
  • Create draft orders so customers can pay directly
  • Contact page shows the same shopify information for that contact for all connected Shopify stores
  • Better Facebook Messenger integration such as detecting Shopify customer based on Messenger order status messages, able to suggest email contacts that belong to the Facebook contact based on that information
  • Create automated messages with dynamic variables
  • Use Shopify rules for automated segmentation and customer messaging

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