Manage customer subscriptions and recurring purchases in conversations

How it works with Re:amaze

The Re:amaze and ReCharge Payments integration allows you to easily see customers' ReCharge Payments profile, subscription status, payment history, next charge date, subscribed products, and other pertinent subscription data directly within Re:amaze conversations.

This allows your customer service agents to quickly and easily access customer profiles and make high level changes such as activating or deactivating a subscription without having to manually dig around in two different apps.

What you can do with ReCharge

  • See customer profile in ReCharge
  • See subscription status
  • Activate or cancel subscription
  • See next charge date
  • See subscribed products
  • See price and quantity
  • See order frequency
  • See customer charges and charge type
  • See payment errors
  • See subscription creation date
  • See subscription schedules
  • See total price
  • See total weight
  • And more

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