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Whether you’re building the ecommerce store of your dreams or the next big SaaS, Re:amaze can help you deliver awesome, personable customer support experiences.

Businesses who love their customers love us. Hear what they have to say.


Once we started using Reamaze we found our solution to customer support. We now have a fully integrated and mobile solution to engaging with our customers in realtime.

Jen & Jeff

Reamaze has made customer service so much more efficient! We are able to view the customer's order number, items ordered and order history - without ever having to leave the customer's message. It has made response time faster and information exchange shorter, which makes our employees and customers happy!

Pilot and Captain

We're a group of designers and illustrators, not customer service experts. Reamaze has let us bridge that gap and offer top notch service and response through a simple, intuitive system.

Art of Skin Care

Prior to utilizing Re:amaze, we interacted with one or two customers per week on our live chat. Now we help 60 to 80 clients per week. That’s a remarkable difference.

Keeps you focused

Selling things, whether online or offline is tough business. Therefore it’s even more important to stay connected to your customer as efficiently as possible.

Conversation view with participants


Knowing a customer’s past orders, order numbers, and returns status without having to search will turn you into a customer service superstar and help keep you focused on what's important - selling.

Email and Social Together

Re:amaze allows you to bring in your email, Facebook, Twitter, or live chat into one place so you can interact with customers no matter where they are.


Whether it’s a request for a different colored mug via email or a tweet about a late shipment, you can relax knowing you can reply to both in a unified consistent dashboard designed to alleviate customer pains.

Re:amaze handles the complexity of sending it to the right social network or email address.


Beautifully Designed

We believe awesome customer service is an extension of your ability to strike up meaningful conversations. Everything in Re:amaze is designed to reflect this simple concept.

We don’t dwell in meaningless features like ticket numbers or customer logins. Instead, we focus on designing a product that is intuitive and simple not only for you but also for your customers.


Advanced Integrations

Integrate Reamaze in a variety of ways to suit your site

Single Sign On

Integrate Reamaze with your authentication system to automatically connect users to your helpdesk.

Embeddable FAQ

Seamlessly embed help articles into your support page via JavaScript.

Customer Data Attribution

Send customer attribution to our JavaScript and have it displayed contextually within support messages.

Embeddable Contact Forms

Get rid of spam by having Reamaze host your contact form.

Custom Form Fields

Customize your support, chat, and contact forms using JavaScript to add a variety of custom fields and dropdowns.

API Available

Build your own advanced integrations with our simple RESTful API.

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