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Email and Social Together

Support extends beyond email. Take the conversation to users.


Works Like Email

Your team can respond to every type of conversation straight through their own email.

Reamaze handles the complexity of sending it to the right social network or email address.

Deliver Happiness, Simply.

All the bells and whistles. None of the fuss.

Response Templates

Help your team respond faster using templates shared by your team.

Collision Detection

Avoid sending colliding responses to the same thread. Even through email.


Use tags to easily find and categorize your conversations.


Knowledge Base & Forums

Help your customers help themselves.

Self Service

Let your customers search for their own answers in your public knowledge base.

In addition, use Reamaze to host community forums for your brand to gather feedback.


Manage multiple support sites for multiple brands in one Reamaze account.


At A Glance Reporting

Stay on top of your conversation volume and response times with built in reporting features.


Mobile Ready

Reamaze is mobile ready on any device right through the browser. No apps to download.

Mobile Os

Integrated On Your Site

Embed Reamaze's Support Module on your site to prompt your users to ask questions.


On-site Widget

Allow customers to start a conversation with you right on your website or in your application.

Customer Attributes

Add custom identifiable attributes to customer profiles and easily manage their value to your business.

Custom Data Blocks

Reamaze will attach a custom data block with relevant customer information to the conversation. More context means better support.

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