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Support, Engage, and Convert Customers with Chat, Social, SMS, FAQ, and Email on a Single Platform.

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Support Customers via Email, Chat, Social, and SMS. All in one inbox.

Seamless Customer Helpdesk

Re:amaze combines email, social media, mobile, and chat conversations seamlessly so your customers can reach you however they want. Collaborate with teammates using assignments, notes, and shared views.

Multichannel, Multibrand

Easily manage your customer conversations from multiple storefronts or websites, whether you have one or one hundred. Our full featured helpdesk will help you look professional at all times!




At Enervee we’ve been using Reamaze for more than 2 years now and just completed a thorough market review including Zendesk and Freshdesk. We decided to stick with Reamaze as they continue to improve their platform while focusing on the features that really matter.


Engage and Convert Customers via Modern Chat.

Start the Conversation

Cue automated and targeted messages to customers for better engagement.

Chat Whenever, Wherever

Chat with customers in Real Time even when you're not at your desk. Set customizable Office Hours to set expectations with customers. Let Chatbots help with common questions.

Your Crystal Ball

Preview customer's message as they type so you're always a step ahead. Use our unique Peek functionality to co-browse.




What we love about Reamaze is the fact that it helps us provide better support to our customers. It's easy to keep track of the conversations that our team is involved in and give timely replies to all the questions. Without Reamaze, it would be cumbersome to manage all our communication channels.


Know your customers. Empower your team with real time customer data.

Live Dashboard

See live customers as they visit your site and engage with them by sending messages directly.

Personal insights

View custom profile data about your customers when they engage with your team. Automatically pull data from 3rd party apps or integrate your own app data via our SDK.




We’ve grown with Reamaze from just 1 operator to almost 30 now. We joined because of the simplicity and stayed for how they continue to execute on new stuff.


Educate Customers with Built-In FAQ.

A help center for your business

Offer your customers organized self-service support with rich topics and articles.

Embeddable or Self-hosted

Your FAQ can be displayed as a Help Site on the domain your choice, embedded inline on your existing website, or displayed within Chat.




Reamaze has fundamentally changed how we interact with our customers and the speed with which we support them. It offers us central place to track all customer issues and inquiries and the tight integration with all of our existing systems had us up and running in a matter of minutes.


All the bells and whistles to impress customers.

Loaded with awesome features to help you succeed.

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Satisfaction Surveys
Measure and gauge your team's effectiveness with automated qualitative and quantative surveys.
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Quick Answers
Use response templates and searchable FAQ articles to respond to your customers quickly.
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Manage multiple support sites for multiple brands in one Reamaze account.
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Team Presence
See when your team is viewing and replying to customer conversations.
Icon reporting
Stay on top of your conversation volume and response times with built in reporting features.
Icon workflow
Automate common workflows with custom triggers on incoming conversations.
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Proactively engage customers with messages and calls to action based on automated triggers and rules.
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Frictionless co-browsing to get a peek at your customers' roadblocks in real time.
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Automated chatbots to help answer frequently answered questions so your team can focus on important conversations.

Keep customers close, even on the go.

Freedom without the hassle

Reamaze is mobile ready for your team so you can always impress customers with a few taps. Download our mobile apps and receive push notifications for direct messaging with customers while you're on the go.

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Integrate your favorite apps to keep your team running in sync and on point.

Unite your team

Got a unique workflow? We've got an app for that. Reamaze works with the tools your team already loves so you don't have to change. Simply connect and bring Reamaze with you.

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Build your own

Integrate with your own data backend by building a custom data module within your support dashboard.




In order to optimize communication with over 30 million fans, we required a tool which would seamlessly integrate all of our channels into one manageable interface. Reamaze solved that problem for us.